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    BLEBERAN, Village with A Natural Atmosphere and Traditional Life

    A fresh sensation comes to you, if you walk around Bleberan Village. Besides enjoying a beauty of agriculture activities, you can also view Rancang Kencono Cave, and Sri Gethuk Waterfall. Bleberan is located on South of Jogjakarta based on Playen Subdistrict, Gunung Kidul District or around 40 kilometres from Yogyakarta.

    Bleberan is a village that formerly ever be visited by a troop who follows a war ago. The Trooper comes to this village to stay. One of them was called Kyai Kromowongso. The name of Bleberan was called Blabaran, its means is the name for the heirloom that belongs to Kyai Kromowongso. It was called Kyai Blabar.

    Bleberan does not only provide this atmosphere but also it makes you understand how the villagers are taking care of all parts this village. It was not only know this traditional or legend life. We move on this natural life situation. This refresh atmosphere comes to you if you see a lot of fields here.

    There are extraordinary packages for you who want to be a farmer. This village offers you to be a rice field farmer and soybean farmer. So, it was fun when you know how to be a farmer on a beautiful view here. This experience is priceless. What a best moment for you. You will get a way on how to do many activities with this rice field and plant rice. It is unbelievable, when you try this package.

    After you enjoy with that packaging, you will see the next destination. You don't want to miss the exotic cave on Bleberan, do you? Rancang Kencono Cave, a naturally cave that's formerly it's used by their ancestor to worship. This cave has a meditation place. Remember, you have to take a picture with a beautiful and naturally stalagmites and stalactites.

    The next destination is Sri Gethuk waterfall. It located about 450 metres from the center of this village. From the Rancang Kencono, you could walk to Sri Gethuk or used the pick up vehicles to side of Oyo River. You have to try to ride Gethek (a traditional bamboo boat) on the way from side of Oyo River to Sri Gethuk. At there, you will see a river with fresh water. This fresh sensation makes you don't want to leave this waterfall.

    Bleberan is the unique mixed between tradition and nature. So, there are no place as same as Bleberan in Gunung Kidul. This place offers you not only a traditional but also how you can feel a new sensation to enjoy life naturally. This is a priceless part. So, Bleberan welcome you to enjoy your different holiday. (Riyan Wahyudi)

    Source: tourjogja.com


    Rancang Kencono Cave by Kunto Wicaksono

    photo by Kunto Wicaksono

    photo: alannobita.blogspot.com

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