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    Goa Maria Sendang Jatiningsih, Behind the Simplicity of Natural Beauty

    Surrounded by shady trees and the sound of the gurgling of river Progo create a more natural atmosphere there. It's located in Jitar, Sumberarum, Moyudan, Sleman, Yogyakarta, approximately 17 km west of Yogyakarta city or 45 minutes from the city by a motorcycle, minibus or car.

    Sendang Jatiningsih means the water source of the grace of God that brings peace. Initially, Sendang Jatiningsih was named Sendang Pusung (Sing ngapusi pusung - who's lying will be exposed as a result). Sendang Pusung is taken from the original name of the place or location where the cave was built.

    Place of pilgrimage which has an area of 800 meters was built since May 1st, 1986 by the local community independently. There is placed a statue of Mary which was made by a Muslim in Magelang. Reputedly the statue of Mary is the most beautiful than the statue of Mary in the other cave.

    The featured of the Sendang Jatiningsih cave lies in the shape of the building that adapted to the local residents. Simplicity is reflected through a building made of wood and bamboo and sugarcane leaf roof. Scenery is offered also very beautiful. In addition to be able to see the beauty of the Progo River, you will also feel the fresh air because it is surrounded by teak trees that shade.

    When you headed to the statue of Mary, we will pass a simple small chapel. This chapel is usually used for devotions. In addition to daily devotions, the chapel is also used for weddings. There is also cave of Jesus which is right next to the cave of Mary. In front of the statue of the Virgin Mary, this also provided a simple pavilion intended for pilgrims who come.

    If we walked to the back of the pavilion, you will find some down stairs. When we descended the stairs, we will see a closer view of the Progo River. In addition, we can take the water of blessing in that location. This water comes from a spring that discovered by the local people around the year 2002. Springs named Tirto Wening is located just behind the Cave of Mary which then flowed through the pipes.

    Many pilgrims who came to the Sendang Jatiningsih cave because the atmosphere is quiet and very beautiful place with beautiful scenery. And usually many of them came to this place at May or October because both of this month known as month of Mary. In addition to prayer, the atmosphere there allows us to quiet our hearts and minds of dense activity. (Emanuella Indira)

    Goa Maria Sendang Jatiningsih Location.
    Jitar, Sumber Arum, Moyudan, Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

    17 kilometres far from the centre of Yogyakarta.

    Source: tourjogja.com

    photo: felixbillypradeta.blogspot.com

    photo: yoksetyo.blogspot.com

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