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    Goa Maria Sendangsono, Treat the Spiritual Thirst at the Foothill Menoreh

    Stepping up the stairs from the parking location to the area SendangSono, you will be presented with a row of souvenir sellers, prayers equipment, and snacks. SendangSono located in Banjaroyo Village, Kalibawang District, Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta.

    ''Sendang Sono'' is derived from the word meaning water spring, and that means the sono trees. The name was kept meaning that spring is located under sono trees can still be right in front of Gua Maria.

    After a time to pray to surround the location of the Sendang Sono which divided into small chapels, the location of the cross road, the cave of Mary, the pavilion, river and row of shops that sell religious supplies.

    Entering the main chapel in the compound of this place of shrine, you can commemorate the baptism of events that happened 102 years ago it was enshrined in a relief depicting a procession of baptism. While entered the Mary Chapel and the Apostles Chapel, you will remember the struggle of Mary and the 12 apostles of Christ first.

    Short Cross Street can be a choice of worship to commemorate Christ's passion shouldered the cross. At each cross road stops, you can pray and light candles at a time to remember important events in the journey of Christ to the Mount of Golgotha.

    Praying in front of the cave of Mary which is located behind sono tree can also be an option to search for inner peace. Many people knelt and prayed with light candles in front of this cave. You can even write a request or the outpouring of your heart in a piece of paper, and then put in a pot where burning a letter to God to accept it.

    Besides calming down and pray, you can sit relaxed in the marquee that's dominated enjoy building material around the rock, or standing on the small bridge while enjoying the river flowing beneath.

    SendangSono visited the spring during the special months, there are May and October. Even those who had come there to fetch water spring in a row of tap-water faucet located on the right side of the river and then drink it, are believed to bring blessing and cure disease.

    The distance of Sendang Sono is approximately 45 kilometers from city center, or 1,5 hours by using a motor vehicle or minibus. You can select two strips there are Godean Street or Magelang Street.

    Banjaroyo, Kalibawang, Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
    45 kilometres far from the centre of Yogyakarta

    Source: tourjogja.com

    photo: ultrabeep.blogspot.com

    photo: rachmatsyahrullah.blogspot.com

    photo: kampungestehmanisss.blogspot.com

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