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    Museum Gula, Exploring the Secret of Indonesian Sugar

    In 19th century, while Indonesia was being a colonial state, it was golden year for sugar mass export to Europe. Billions hectares sugarcane field were created by colonial government and private sector, hundreds tons of sugar were shipped to Europe. Locomotives, big machines, workers, technologies, seeds, etc., are focused on the sugar industries. Sugar factory was big and huge, set up on hundreds hectares area.

    You can see black and white portrait of the factory in the Sugar Museum, located on the Gondang Baru Sugar Factory, Jawa Tengah. All photos of big sugar factory display here, from small city such as Tasikmalaya until big Colomadu Sugar Factory in Solo. Big old machines are set up in the corner of the exhibition room; it's a heavy machine, part of the sugar kettle which not use now. I'm wonder, how to move a small heavy things to the museum? Probably it's more than 200 kilograms.

    If you pass away on the Klaten-Jogjakarta Street, please keep on eye to a big factory alongside the street. The building has big yard, looks like oldest than the neighborhood, sometimes you can
    see smoke out from a big flue inside. The museum located on the east of the sugar factory. It was built in 1986 in order to celebrate 19th International Society of Sugar Cane Technology. On the yard, you can see an old locomotive, named simbah or old man.

    It's the old locomotive, made by Germany in 19th century. The loco isn't use now in the fabric, because it needs woods as their fuel, whereas the price of wood is very expensive. The newest loco uses solar as its fuel. In the harvest season, you can see loco taking hundreds tons of sugar cane from the field southern the fabric.

    How do plant sugar cane? Does it need any special handling? Or just left behind? You can see how to plant it on the sugar museum, unnecessary to go to the field, just watching, reading and let your imagine control your knowledge. Take a moment, to a short trip of planting sugar cane on the museum. Drawing, photos, tools, which are displayed on the museum, will lead your questions become invention. You can learn how the steam machines

    Inside the fabric, there's an old steam machine that still use until now, made by French in 1884. People said that the highest quality sugar is produced by the old steam machine. If you want take a trip on the inside fabric, the best season is on the harvest time, on May-July, that all the machines are ran to produce sugar. You can see how human and machine working together to change sugar cane into sugar.

    Pabrik Gula Gondang Baru
    Jalan Raya Jogja - Solo Km. 25, Klaten, Indonesia
    Phone. +62 272 322328

    Opening Hours.
    Monday - Thursday & Saturday at 7.00 am - 2.00 pm.
    Friday at 7.00 am - 11.00 am
    Sunday at 8.00 am - 12.00 am

    Entrance Ticket.
    International / Domestic, IDR 3.500

    Source: tourjogja.com

    photo: beeindaclub.blogspot.com

    photo: coretanpetualang.files.wordpress.com

    photo: beeindaclub.blogspot.com

    photo: beeindaclub.blogspot.com

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