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    Museum Merapi, A Secret Life of Volcano Mountain

    Can you imagine how people will learn about nature phenomenon? Are they using scientific research? Are they believed in myth of the nature? Probably, there's a place where we can get answer of the questions, it's on Merapi Museum, located east of Kaliurang, north of Jogjakarta city.

    Walking from the south, you will se unique facade of the museum. It has big red gate, the yard is very huge, and the stair is looks exotic-made from andesit material. The exterior building is covered by white aluminium. If you lucky, you can see the Mount Merapi snoop from behind, just like a giant blue creature thing preparing to jump at the yard. It's so beautiful and unique. When I was there, some people were made a pose in front of the gate.

    The Merapi Museum is under construction now, opens every Friday, Saturday and Monday at 9am-3pm, but there's limited collection inside. The administrator will install some new collections in 2010. At the atrium, there's a big mountain replica. It has unique purpose, first you can push a button which will be informed you about the eruption of Merapi Mountain, second, you can see how huge the mountain at the earth. The sound of the eruption is so scary, just like a big bang which comes on high speed.

    At the west hall, there's a information about some big volcano eruptions in the world. One of them was Krakatau Eruption in 1883 which killed thousands, caused 40 meters tsunami and darken the sky at Asia, US and Europe for 3 days. Another beautiful images of the eruption comes from Chile, US, Italy, Filipina and Hawaii. It's so scary to see dark poisoned hot cloud and lighting inside. But don't be afraid, there's a simple way to watch out when the eruption will come; you will see animal mountain down from the mountain quickly. Someday if you see tens of deer run fast down from the mountain, please don't be a hero climbing the mountain.

    Some myth of Merapi Mountain also be a part of the collection, they're Nyai Gandung Melati and Kyai Sapu Jagat, spirit ancestors who guard the mountain. Once a year, there's a ritual who presented sacred offerings to the spirit ancestor of the mountain, named Labuhan Merapi. People who live surrounding the Merapi Mountain will take sacred offering to the hill, and then pray, grateful and hope the God give them blessing on the mountain. At the west hall, there's a collection of some things that buried when a deadly landside was happened in 2006 at Bebeng, west hill of Merapi Mountain. It used to a tourism destination and the best angle to shot the mountain.

    The most interesting area is in the middle of the museum, a replica of eruption aftermath is under construction now. I can't enter the area, but I see some interesting things there, some burnt woods, lava dust, rocks volcano and a little hill, just like pass away in the middle of natural disaster, of course on a safety site.

    Jalan Boyong, Harjobinangun, Pakem Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
    Phone. +62 812 275 66370

    Opening Hours.
    Tuesday - Sunday at 9.00 am - 3.30 pm.

    Entrance Ticket.
    International / Domestic, IDR 3.000

    Closed on Monday

    Source: tourjogja.com



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    Video by: Ektrakurikuler

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