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    Museum Affandi, Immortalize the Name of the Painter

    It was raining day, hardly and windy, a boy ran in a field, taking a banana leave, using it to cover his head and body from rain. Not just once, every rainy day, he used the banana leaves as an umbrella. In rural Java, you can use the leave not only as an umbrella, but also being natural wrapper for steam food. Some people say that cooking use banana leave will get unique smell.

    The banana leave's memory kept deep in the boy's mind. Tens years after, he built a big home near the Code River . If you walk along the Solo Street , you can find a big building south an old banyan, strong and unique, the form seems like a huge banana leaves which is covered all human under it. The building was built by Afffandi, an maestro painter who charmed by banana leaves.

    Talking about Affandi, just like talking an amazing painter who ever been lived in the visual world. Affandi's first touch was being a poster painter in local cinema. Bored, he released his imagination in Kelompok Lima Bandung (Five Group Bandung), a group of artists who consist of 5 painters. Then, nobody couldn't stop him. He traveled around the world, to India, Europe, US until South America, in order to paint and exhibit his works. Some experts say that Affandi draw about 2,000 paintings, spread out southern the world. One of them is Fisherman and Pelabuhan Rotterdam (Rotterdam Port) which was recorded selling for 4 billions rupiahs (U$ 400,000) in Christie's.

    Some of his recent works might be seen in the Affandi Museum, perhaps only 300 paintings that you can see, the other collection is masterpiece paintings from famous painter on its decade. The museum is made of 3 big buildings. The wall is finished by rough plaster cement, have an arch door outside. If you want to see Affandi's reflective works, you may go to the first building. His paints, sketch and sculpture started from early work until end, were displayed here. He painted several nude paintings serial of
    his wife. At the middle of the gallery, you may see a green sport mustang '76! At the 70's Affandi was being the richest painter in Indonesia.

    In the 2nd gallery was displayed Affandi's best friend paint works. You may see paintings of Basuki Abdullah, Hendra, Popo Iskandar, etc. Affandi collected 700 paintings in his gallery; all of them were his friends's works. Some people say that he bought his friends' painting in order to help their financial problem. You can see all the member of Affandis in the 3rd gallery. There were several portraits paintings, including his works about portraits paintings of Affandi. At the yard between 2nd and 3rd gallery, there's a big gig, it used to be Affandi's workshop. Affandi died in 1980, you may see his graveyard in the front of 1st gallery, under a cambodia tree.

    Jalan Laksda Adisucipto 167 Yogyakarta 55281, Indonesia.
    Phone. +62 274 562593

    Opening Hours.
    Monday - Saturday at 9.00 am - 4.00 pm.

    Affandi Museum closed on national holiday, except with agreement before.

    Source: tourjogja.com

    photo: cosmopolitan.co.id

    photo: andikaawan.blogspot.com

    photo: indonetwork.co.id

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