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    Smile Gethuk, Javanesse traditional food

    “Gethuk asale soko telo, moto ngantuk iku tambane opo”

    It is a piece of javanesse folk song, which explains that gethuk is made ​​from cassava (In Javanesse telo is name for cassava).

    Getuk is a simple Javanese dish made from cassava. The cassava is peeled, boiled and mashed. Then it is mixed with grated coconut, sugar and small amounts of salt. Sugar can also be substituted with palm sugar to give it brownish color and more distinctive taste.

    Other method to make gethuk is by grinding it with meat grinder and cut it into cubes. this kind of getuk also known as getuk lindri. While grinding butter, sugar, salt, and sometimes also milk powder, vanilla, and food coloring is added. Usually sold by seller that goes around the neighborhood in East Java.

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    Gethuk Java

    Photo by: wisatamelayu.com

    Photo by: khas-boyolali.blogspot.com

    Photo by: elearning.poltekom.ac.id

    Photo by: kaskus.us

    Video by: matkiding
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    Gethuk Gondok Slompet

    Video by: walkin999 on

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