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    Gunung Nglanggeran, Exotic Sights in the Ancient Volcano

    Nglanggeran Mount seems mysterious. It is hidden by trees. The name of Nglanggeran comes from Java language ''Planggaran''. The word has a meaning whenever there is bad behavior would be discovered.

    It placed long from city center. It located at Baturagung, along the northern part of Gunung Kidul or about 30 kilometers from city center of Jogja. It takes along journey but we guarantee that your long journey will be pay off with exotic scenery. Along the way you will find the green rice field and the winding road that will be a challenge for you. To reach this place, it better if you take your own car or motorcycle because there is no public transportation.

    Nglanggran Mount is not known by many people including people around Jogja. This mountain are consists of clusters of mount there are Blencong Mount, Gedhe Mount, Buchu Mount and Bingos Mount. All of mount's names taken from the names of the puppets because according to the mythical story this place manned by puppet characters that called Punakawan.

    This place is very suitable for climbers. Reportedly until now there is no one who can climb up to the peak. To reach the peak, it takes about three till five hours. After passing through some of the steep road, you can rest for a moment to enjoy the natural scenery is breathtaking. There is provided some shelter by the managers. Your journey will pay off with the scenery around you those very beautiful and distinctive cool mountains.

    If you choose to make a tent at night you will be able to enjoy a light-studded evening. From the above would be seen the lights of the city that starts up and if you lucky you will see the twinkle stars above. In the morning you can see the sun rise and the natural green of the mountains. Not only that, you can find and watch a variety of flora and fauna are relatively rare.

    According to the local community, there were 28 springs. Reputedly one of them is never dried all the time. The residents believe that the source of water comes from the lake mystic. They called that Telaga Wungu. People around believe that only the clean-hearted people who can see the presence of the lake. Formerly this place used as hiding place in the colonial era.

    This tourist attraction is different from other attractions. It composed of clusters of towering mountains and high hills. The hills are not a form of karsts rocks as is usually found in Gunung Kidul area but the old type of rock formed by volcanic activity that occurred around millions of years ago. (Placidia Ratih)

    Source: tourjogja.com

    photo: jogjabackpacker.com

    photo: lembarkehidupanku.blogspot.com

    photo: imankurniadi.files.wordpress.com

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    I just hear Gunung Nglanggeran. Oh very beautiful. Maybe someday I will get to this place.

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