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    Pantai Glagah, The Silent Beach from West

    The water was blue. And the typical coastal winds you can feel it. Glagah Beach is located around 40 kilometers to west from Jogja city. This location is approximately 15 miles from Wates. To reach this place, it takes about two hours. Do not be afraid of being bored for a long journey because you will find a wonderfully scenery.

    Although very far from city center, you will not find winding road. The road was straight making it easier for tourists who want to visit Glagah Beach. For the way there were two roads. You can choose one of them. First, past the Bantul road south and then turn right on to the path Bantul - Purworejo. The second one is road runs towards the west through the streets of Yogyakarta - Wates - Purworejo. To more easily to reach Glagah Beach you can use your personal transport.

    Upon arrival, you will not travel far in vain. We were there and along the coast then you will get a charm Glagah Beach. A vast expanse of the beach you can found when you first arrived at the Glagah Beach. You can enjoy the view because of its free from the giant rocks. You can get free sight.

    When you started and entering this area, there are three places you can get all at once. The first is a substation of view, or more commonly referred to Dermaga Wisata (Wharf Tour). Here there is a substation of view that could be used by visitors to enjoy the scenery. The second one is located on the west side, some people called it as Dermaga Air or Wharf water. This area is overgrown with beach grass and plants. Third place is the fishing spot; you can join with local people to participate in fishing. Do not hesitate with the people around because they want to help you to fish. To log into Glagah Beach area need only pay Rp 3.000, - per person.

    Sometimes at this place held an event that was held at the side of the coast, such as the cultural arts performances and the festival. At the moment there's event, this beach becomes very crowded. But if there is no event, this beach was very roomy and quiet, just heard the sound of waves and wind. (Placidia Ratih)

    Source: tourjogja.com


    photo: thehowdyindonesia.blogspot.com

    photo: lklcbemfarmasiugm.files.wordpress.com

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