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    Kaliurang, Cool Sight At The Slope of Mount Merapi

    The cool weather can relax our mind that been done a lot of activities. We may not find crowded situation like at big city, just hearing birdsong in the morning and felling the wind blew. The trees still look green. We can find this place at Jogjakarta, already known as Kaliurang.

    Kaliurang is located at the slope of Mount Merapi, at northern city of Jogjakarta, 30 kilometers from city. From the city, there is no public transport that could directly to Kaliurang. Many people choose to use their private vehicles. It may need 1 hour to reach Kaliurang. The Atmosphere of Kaliurang is very beautiful, lots of domestic tourists and foreigners are came and spent their time at this place.

    Entering Kaliurang pays Rp 2000/person. We can enjoy the view around Kaliurang. The area is provided a lot of interesting attractions. For children, there's Children's Playground. This place is equipped a lot of facilities for kids. Besides that, we can visit Gardu Pandang where we can see Merapi Peak through binocular. The binocular leased at Rp 3000. If we lucky and the weather is sunny, the peak can be seen clearly. Very wonderful view.

    300 meters to northeast, we can visit Plawangan Hill recreation park. At this area can be found Tlogo Putri swimming pool where the water came from spring on the Slope Hill Plawangan. When we enter Tlogo Putri area, usually we will be welcomed by wild monkeys. Tired walking, we can enjoy the view surrounding Kaliurang by mini train. People call the train ''kelinci'', means rabbit. Although all of the attraction lies at the slope of Merapi, one the active volcano, this place is save enough, because this area is equipped with the alarm. It will be sound a few hours before the eruption happened. If the Mount Merapi is on a danger status, the Kaliurang will be closed for public.

    Besides all of these attractions, Kaliurang keep its historical story. We can see historical building that called Wisma Kaliurang and Pesangrahan Dalem Ngeksigondo. At the building, the negotiation between Republik Indonesia with Three State Commision ( Komisi Tiga Negara ) was hold in 1948.

    If you have plan to stay at Kaliurang for a few nights, don't feel worry, because many hotels ready to rent. The room rents with varies of price, from thousands rupiahs until hundreds thousands. For addition, many of local peoples opened places to eat and we can find varies of food.

    And when you decided to go home, don't forget to buy jadah as a souvenir. Jadah is a traditional food from Kaliurang, made from sticky rice. Tofu and tempe are became complementary food, but jadah still delicious without it.

    Source: tourjogja.com

    photo: mastein.files.wordpress.com

    photo by trisanto

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