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    Kalikuning, The Hidden Landscape

    Early morning is the best time to enjoy mountain scenery. With cool air, wind blew, and the sounds of nature, so affection to passed it. If you have plan like that, you must put up tent or camping for a few nights at Kalikuning.

    Kalikuning is a tourist attraction and camping ground where located at the slope of Mount Merapi, one of the active volcano in the world. The area is managed by National Park of Mount Merapi. And you just paid Rp 2,000 to enter this area.

    The area is offered various kinds of natural beauty, such as mountains, sparkling water, tall trees, that looks green and fresh air all of the day. Many peoples come here to camp. From this area you can enjoy the majesty of Mount Merapi. And it looks clearly, especially in the morning when the weather is sunny. At night, when activity of Mount Merapi is increased, you can look sparks and molten lavas that coming out from the peak. But if Mount Merapi is on a danger status, the area certainly will be closed.

    Beside for camping ground area, Kalikuning have andesite cliffs. The cliffs usually use for rock climbing area. Although not enough people used that cliffs but sometimes you can found some professional rock climbers try to pass and climb the rock. For people who don't like rock climbing, they can try to stand in the middle of the cluster cliff. And guess what? You'll get wonderful view surrounding your eyes! Moreover, you can walk down the river where the water still clean. The dwelling comes from Merapi Peak, used for daily necessities for people who lived at the slope of Mount Merapi.

    The natural environment around Kalikuning is formed of mountain tropical forest, with pine tress dominated. Amazing view can be found between towering trees. The forest still looks natural, neat and green. If you lucky, you can find Javanese Eagle flying away on the sky.

    Source: tourjogja.com

    photo: dikaputra-underexposure.blogspot.com

    photo: andoyoanny.files.wordpress.com

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