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    Turi, Snake Fruits Garden Village

    A different view of tourism activity in Jogjakarta is agro business, an activity tourism which is using field activities as the main theme. Located in Turi, 25 kilometers north Jogjakarta City, a beautiful landscapes of snake fruits garden being an interested place for tourists who boring on the urban scene daily life.

    Snake fruits plant is a unique plant which has same details of the palm tree, but a little bit pakis plant in the detail. The fruit, grow up in the bottom. It's sweet and being a major commodity in the southern Turi. The price sell can reach $1/kilos for the best quality.Actually, snake fruit word comes from the fruit which has scale skin similar as snake's skin.

    The Dutch Colonial Government was the first time who plant the snake fruit in Turi. In 1942, The Dutch hit by Japanese, so did the snake fruit plant project. Japanese' war 1942-1945 and independence war 1945 -1950 couldn't any good implementation of snake fruit project. 22 years ago, in 1986, snake fruits project run again by initiative of villagers Bangunkerto Village, Turi Perfekture. Now, most area in Turi planted by snake fruit.

    In Turi also has agro tourism area, not just snake fruits field but child playground, restaurants, fishing area and swimming pools, built at 27 hectares by local government. In the holiday season, it's crowded of tourism. In the agro, the local also sell alternative product of snake fruits, cracker and nature candy.

    Source: tourjogja.com


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