The greatest exotic up here. What do you think about stand with the stars shinning above? You do not need to be an astronauts or becoming NASA members anymore. There's a way to make it happen: visit Bukit Bintang (Hills of The Stars), a southern spot in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. You can get it for free; find the exotics of real life there.

People come by driving their motorbikes and cars, parked it along the downhill way. And wait, then the moment of crazy little things happened: sunset. The color blends, just like a rainbow and sea. Like millions leafs of green, strawberry of red and cheese of yellow. The pretty of sunset blows up my head with question: how it could be.

For the next minutes, dark sky comes. It's almost 6.30 p.m. People who lived in the downside of the hill will turn on the lights. And the next crazy things happened: stars-lights are represented by the lamps. It's more than a sunset. Stars came out from their nest. One by one. They tried for welcoming you. You are above them. Please, enjoy it first.

Mostly, people came there for escape from their daily life routines. They think they can away or at least give space for their own. The wide scenery and landscape of Yogyakarta easily captured. And it's time for relax.

Few young men started their living. They are wearing light orange jacket and holding torch in their hand. Yes, they are parking man. Some of local villagers used the empty space as their business places. They sold meal and coffee. You got everything less than $1. They build their building without no one knows for safety and good knowledge of constructions. Just by bamboo and some with cements.

While people tried to be happy and found greatest exotics, the villagers start to make a living. The responsible people leaved them high and dry.