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    Ngobaran Beach, The Secret of Finding Heaven on Earth

    Is that so easy to reach Ngobaran Beach? For anyone who ever went there, keep your answer first. Ngobaran is two hours away from JogJakarta to southern. The bumpy road is extending for kilometers. The asphalt was damaged. The weather is very hot. Not many housing close to the street. Only the hardwood trees growth like they telling you: Hi, what are you doing here? The worst case is your motorbike has broken down. What you have to do just ask the trees about the closest mechanic's house.

    You just keep your picture about the beach. Even you never know that every things might be change. What you have to do is chill out to follow the road. Is that clear enough to describe about hell in Jogjakarta? Is that stressing you? Then make you avoid the trip? Wait, wait, give me a minute.

    While you entering the beach, you can see the great opening for visitor. In the middle off too many tensions, there are amazing natural scenes about long shore particularly in sunset. You can sit in relaxed atmosphere. Then, put your feet up in the sea sand. The solid scenery of sea of blue, coconut trees and wild animals in the middle of nowhere sketch endlessly visitors for stay longer at several gazeboes.

    You will be surprised. The sand is very clean and soft, not like another Jogjakarta's beach. The contour is sloping. You can run around. You can make your own track. You can try to find trapped small animal on the coastal which can not run back into the sea. The local people usually go to the coastal on the tides time. They are looking for seaweed and fish. You can test your own ability to crop, grab and put the seaweed into the basket: it's as easy as flick your finger off.

    But, if you need more difficulties, you should face up to the next challenge. What is that? Catch the lobster. Maybe the lobster was inspiring by a movie called catch me if you can, then usually lobster hiding in the deeper side of a coastal. They can not move fast but they are able to wrap up them self by sand.

    The fisherman has an old smart technique to catch the lobster. First, fisherman will put fish as bait on a net. Second, they spread it up in the middle of the sea then wait for a day. Third, pray a lot. That's very hard to catch the lobster.

    Well, what do you think? Is that worth enough to visit even you have to across bumpy roads, damaged asphalt and a crazy hot weather? Now, it is your time. It is your freedom to choose. Good luck.

    Source: tourjogja.com

    photo by atmadji

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    Video by: enoyscater17
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