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    Vredeburg Fortress: The Fortress for Colonial Residence in Yogyakarta

    For 350 years, Indonesian was a colonial state, as a part of Nederland colonies.Indonesia has the same character with the other colonial countries, as Suriname and Taiwan, that many Indonesian culture influences by the colonial. Let's say for military building style, one of the shape as seen on the capital city, known as Vrederburg Fortress.

    It is a square white building. Each corner have 4 control towers. It had two functions, first, spying Sultan Palace at the south and second, putting cannon gun inside. The fortress is located near a junction of Malioboro Street and Alun-alun Lor. The strong guard wall rounds the fortress, you can walk on it, to see landscape of the city. At the north, you will find the biggest traditional market in Jogjakarta, known as Pasar Beringharjo.

    In XVIth century, The Dutch Colonial Government built the fortress, named as Rustenberg Fortress, means a place where The General Governor of The Dutch Colonial Government take a rest. It was built at the Sultan's ground. Every general governors used to stay in the fortress if they went to Jogjakarta. From 1765 - 1788, the fortress had been built again bigger and stronger, and then the Dutch Colonial Government changed its named ino Vredeburg Fortress until now. It means 'peace fortress'.

    In 1943 The Dutch Colonial Government hit by The Japanese. All the Dutch army retreat and back into Europe. The colonial government changed from Dutch to Japan, so do The Vredeburg Fortress, belong to The Japanese. In 1985, the city changed the fortress into museum. Some new functions add on, National Movement Museum and History of Jogjakarta Museum at the center. In the north and south section, there are two big halls, sometimes being an art exhibition and performance. The city also categorized Vredeburg Fortress into heritage building which is protected by Heritage Law. The fortress being a landmark of Jogjakarta city for the last 400 years.

    Not only for museum, Jogjakarta Art Festival which hold once a year also holds in the Vredeburg Fortress. The festival holds art event and workshop, handicraft market, food bazaar and cultural discussion, due summer holiday and Indonesian school holiday, usually in June-August.

    Jalan Jendral Ahmad Yani, Malioboro, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

    Opening Hours.
    Tuesday - Friday, at 8.00 am - 4.00 pm.
    Saturday - Sunday, at 8.00 am - 5.00 pm

    Entrance Ticket.
    International / Domestic, IDR 750

    Closed on Monday and Holiday

    Source: tourjogja.com

    photo by Farrel.Farras

    photo: museumvredeburg.blogspot.com

    photo: museumvredeburg.blogspot.com

    photo: museumvredeburg.blogspot.com
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