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    Ramayana Ballet, A Graceful Love

    If you go to Candi Prambanan, there's a love story which is shaped on its wall. It's Ramayana love story. The story came from India thousands years ago. Based on an epic Hindu history, the story was began on a contest of Prabu Janaka, who looking for a husband for his daughter, Shinta, a beautiful and charming
    princess. Some tests were hold in order to get best from the best. Then, Rama Wijaya got Shinta's love, at once won the contest. They were falling in love on a first sight.

    One day, Rama, Shinta, and Laksmana (Rama's brother) went to the Dandaka Forest. They were passed with Rahwana, an evil and enemy of Prabu Janaka. It caused a big trouble; Rahwana thought that Shinta was incarnation from Dewi Widowati. Rahwana was crazy in love. He had spelt his soldier become a deer, attracted Rama to hunt it, and then kidnap Shinta.

    A big war happened between Prabu Janaka and Rahwana, hundreds of soldiers, weapons and tactics were used by both kings. But, Prabu Janaka's kingdom was on crisis; his ability couldn't fight against Rahwana. A white monkey, Hanoman, was being a hero for saving Shinta. The princess was free, back to Rama. But, the trouble still haunted their love. Rama was unbelievable with Shinta. He was asked Shinta to jump down in a fire. Then Shinta was done it indeed! The miracle was came, Shinta hadn't burn at all, whereas she became more beautiful the before. Rama felt sorry then the story is ended in happy ending.

    If you want to see the complete story, you have to see Ramayana Dance in Candi Prambanan. Not just dance, but you can hear gamelan music, feels night wind, and take up full moon into your soul. The dance will hold in night, on outdoor stage, at the best angle of Candi Prambanan. From distance at outdoor stage, you can see silhouette of the candi, looks dark and solid, but left a mystery how people built a very high building a decade ago.

    The most interesting part in the Ramayana story is battle of Rahwana and Prabu Janaka. Fire attraction is combined by laser lighting and acrobatic martial art between performers. Sometimes they jump, roll on or fly! Please, preparing your camera if you're decided to see the Ramayanan Dance, you will shot interesting movement, colorful fashion and unpredictable movement. The dance hold every night, especially in holiday, there will be lots of audiences come there.

    Source: tourjogja.com

    photo: jogjaphoto.net

    photo: oediku.files.wordpress.com

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    Video by: soehokgie

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