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    Pulau Tengah in the Java Sea: surrounded by living reefs and colorful fish

    Pulau Tengah, or Middle Island as it translates to, is another must visit spot when touring the Karimunjawa archipelago, located off the northern coast of Central Java.

    Measuring only approximately 4 hectares, Tengah Island is a small island. But what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in exquisite and natural beauty both on land and underwater. Karimunjawa, which literally means “a stone’s throw from Java,” consists of 27 small islands located in the Java Sea, just off the coast of Semarang, Central Java.

    Tengah Island is a fairly flat island, with the entire expanse of its tiny landmass covered in sandy white beaches, strewn with chunks of coral and dotted with coconut trees and sea pines. Bright blue waters enclose the island, filled with table corals and brain corals and visible beneath the surface even at a depth of 10 meters.

    Compared to the other small islands in the Karimunjawa island chain, Tengah island is more complete with facilities, accommodations , and snorkeling and diving gear, making it an excellent choice for group excursions, family holidays, or even just for regular beach lovers. A long, wooden pier extends out to sea, allowing fishing boats to dock on the island. Tengah Island is owned by PT. Raja Besi, a steel company, and run by a married couple who are the guardians and caretakers of the island.

    Source: indonesia.travel

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