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    Sendang Duwur Graveyard, Lamongan - East Java - Indonesia

    The impressive gateway of Sendang Duwur can be found on a hilltop not far from the coast at Paciran north of Lamongan or east of Tuban. The place name is taken from a Moslem Saint, Sunan Sendang, who was buried there in 1585. Sunan Sendang Duwur is one of the Islam spreaders in Java. His charismatic is the same as Wali Songo.

    The stylistically decoration of the gateway is describe about the transition from ancient Hindu / Javanese to Moslem principles. The symbols of Hindu Majapahit lie alongside Arabic Calligraphy. The outer gateway to the graveyard has Bentar style and inside of the gateway has Paduraksa style. The beautiful woodcarving surrounds the main tomb. In the right and the left side of the wall is decorated with two giant heads from the black stone material. The pilgrims from all part of the region, often visit to this beautiful graveyard.

    photo: primbondonit.blogspot.com

    Source: www.eastjava.com

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    Sendang Duwur Graveyard

    Sendang Duwur Graveyard Video

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