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    Crafting Of Brass Cast

    One more of Jombang products, beside its accessories of glasses there is also products of brass cast.
    Historic statues, animal statue that create by the brass cast, are the products of this production.
    The center of this production is located at Mojoagung, Jombang.

    From the observation below, the products have been sending to the other area and had become an export quality to the other country. The income of these products can reach for Rp. 2.000.000 per month. An amazing number, isnít?.

    Then, Jombang is become a special area with its brass cast products. As a tour place, Mojoagung, Jombang has its own interesting to make the tourist feel enjoy visiting those place, beside has pilgrim activity to ĎMbah Sayid Sulaimaní, the visitor also get various impressing of brass cast products.

    Source: www.eastjava.com

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    Crafting Of Brass Cast Map

    Crafting Of Brass Cast Video

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