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    Margo Tresno Cave, Nganjuk - Indonesia

    This cave is located in Sugih Waras village, Ngluyu district, about 35 km north of Nganjuk city. This cave is very comfortable for adventures, because its natural condition. The wide of this cave is 15 m and 50 m length. Beside this cave, there is also Lawa cave, Lemah Jeblog cave, Gondel cave, Bale cave and Pawon cave. About 650 before enter Lawa cave, there is Ubalan pool that has clear water. The width of this cave is about 15 x 50 m, and has connection with Lemah Jeblog cave.

    Source: www.eastjava.com

    photo: ngluyusmp01.files.wordpress.com

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    Margo Tresno Cave Map

    Margo Tresno Cave Video

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