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    Anjuk Ladang Museum, Nganjuk - Indonesia

    Anjuk Ladang Museum is located in Nganjuk city, and inside it, there are many goods from the Hinduism culture, Doho, and Majapahit which were found in Nganjuk area. In that area, was also found an ancient inscription about the establishment of Nganjuk municipal.

    This museum is located east of the Nganjuk bus terminal and contains things of historical value such as inscriptions, statues found in the Nganjuk regency. This museum is divided into various building, the front Joglo building contains the Anjuk Ladang inscription whereas the main building in the middle contains the statues and other historical remains such us vessels, bowl, leather shadow puppets, bell and mask. The hind building is small and is used for the museum secretariat, the security ward and bathroom / toilet.

    The museum is open for whoever is interested in the history, the identity of the people of Nganjuk and the strong Anjuk Ladang motivation.

    Source: www.eastjava.com

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    Anjuk Ladang Museum Map

    Anjuk Ladang Museum Video

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