Batulawang is a township which is above the top of the mountain which is on the border districts and pulomerak Grogol is approximately 10 km from Peacock. In this village there is a large stone batulawang road that cut between two mountains of Mount Batur and big mountains bordering the Bojonegara and Merak.

Precisely located at Merak pengobelan mountain we can see the gaps are very large rocks. so kp. batulawang taken from the name of a very large rock divides the two roads between mountains and mountain big shelf which is used as a door or mace.

In addition we find a stone like a frog, there are also the cracks of the mountain with a slope of 80 degrees which can be seen towering over the top of the stone mace. If we walk away from the peacock to batulawang is approximately 3 km, there are springs coming out of stone with a discharge gap is quite heavy during the rainy season.

Springs are similar to tetpi waterfall with a height that is not too high but the water is quite clear. With a height of only 5 meters from the road from the place we stand. Spring water comes from a gap in the rocks around the mountains batulawang. During 2009 the road to batulawang of the old market near the port of Merak Merak crossing can now be used for motor vehicles because it was the asphalt up to the village Batulawang, another case five years ago way to batulawang still so difficult and rocky trails traveled by motor vehicles over again during the rainy season the road was very slippery and steep, so dangerous to pass by a motor vehicle.

If our hobby with hiking or jogging, the place perfect for a leisurely stroll and a jogging track because it was still above the mountains the air is quite cool because it's quite far from the industrial area in Cilegon and surrounding areas, and could see the beautiful scenery of the mountain village of Batulawang.