Being in this building complex in Banten government JL. Brig KH. In Syam'un 5, until now still serves as the Office of the Governor of Banten.

This building is kentor residency Formerly Vice Governor of West Java, Banten region I. The building is a rectangular. Menghadap ke timur, with front porch supported by 8 Tuscan-style fruit white pillar. On the left and right of the foyer there is a window made of wood double leaf type jalosie window. Wall, door and window frames white, building conditions are still very good.

The roof-shaped building with wood construction Limasan. Gravity is made of brown pottery, which has now been replaced with tiles berglasur. This building stands on a raised foundation of massive 60 cm from the surrounding soil surface with marble floors.

The entrance to the front of the numbered 3 fruit, the third is a double door. The first double doors made of wood with a decorative piece of wood bunk down ( jalosie ) and a quarter of the usual panel-shaped, second double doors divided into 5 section, 4 Top panel is the glass, a panel located under the usual form of panel.

On the wall of the north and south are 4 the door is about 3,5 meter than 5 large window with a high 2,5 meters with type shutters jalosie. On the back there 3 pintu than 2 window type jalosie windows with similar shapes and sizes.

The room in this building is divided into 2 main room. The front room is now used as a living room, there are two supporting pillars of the Tuscan-style. The second room has a broader measure than the first room with the functions now as a conference room or function room. Terdpat 18 fruit order / Tuscan-style pillars supporting the roof of this room and 20 Semu pillar (pilaster) that blend with the walls of the building.