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    Pulau Umang, Pandeglang - Banten - Indonesia

    Vacation to the beautiful small island would be interesting. Well, Umang Island (Pulau Umang), a small island located in the Gulf Sumur, Pandeglang, Banten, can be your choice. Actually, Umang Island is a private island opened to the public, which includes resorts and spas. Umang Island resort offers various water sports facilities such as snorkeling, jet sky even banana boat.

    Waters around Pulau Umang safe for water sports, because the wave around island is calm. This is due to the location of this island not directly facing open the ocean, but was blocked by the Ujung Kulon. In addition, Umang Island is also very close to the mainland.

    Umang Island for a while yet providing sport diving, because the sea around the island is very shallow. However, the shallow sea of Umang island inhabited by coral reefs and various species of fish you should to see. To enjoy it is beauty of coral reefs and various species of marine fish, you should cross to Oar Island first.

    Itís not too far. OAR Island located just southeast of Pulau Umang, and can be reached within 10 minutes by ordinary boat. And only about 10 meters from the shore of this island, colorful coral reefs can be enjoyed. OAR Island is uninhabited islands, in this island only provided some Gazebo for you who want to get snorkeling.
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    Another facility that you should to enjoy is Spa. If you have been frequent spa treatments, maybe spa on the island will be offered something different. You will undergo a spa while inhaling fresh sea air. The place used for spa is also unique that is a fringe-roofed gazebo. You also should surprise because two of four-foot cantilever, planted in the sea.

    Source: moreindonesia.com

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