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    Tanjung Lesung Coast, Pandeglang - Banten - Indonesia

    Tanjung Lesung Coast, the coast that was on the west of the Pandeglang Regency, Banten, Java Island and had the area around 150 hectare this, official was opened since the middle of January 1998. Although being considered to be new, supporting facilities in this region were relatively complete and representative. Moreover Regional Government Pandeglang personally was determined to develop him as one of the places of foremost maritime recreation in Indonesia.

    Itís nature panorama was beautiful, itís white sand was soft, and his wind that blew slow, made the Tanjung Lesung Coastal region be felt so special when being visited with the family. Itís carpet of coastal sand that the gradient widely reached 15 kilometre, gave enough space to tourists to carry out various activities, as making the statue from sand, sunbathing, played sport (coastal football and coastal volleyball), et cetera.

    The position of the coast that did not face directly the free ocean made the gust of the wind and the pounding of the wave of this region be not too big, so as tourists could carry out various activities, as swimming, playing jetski, and snorkling. Fishing was the other interesting activity, because this region was the house for many fish.

    For tourists who wanted to enjoy the biological wealth and the underwater attraction, could lease equipment dove. By diving, tourists will be enchanted saw the beautiful coral reef, the jellyfish was variegated, small snails with unique eggshell, and swimming fish chased each other in the shoreline. Whereas for tourists who wanted to study the method transplantation the coral reef, could visit the location of conservation that was in the middle of sea.

    The attraction rose and sank its the sun covered calm sea and had a background in clear sky, as well as sea birds that flew low and from time to time snatched the fish all along the coast, increasingly strengthened how special is this region. Tourists could observe this beautiful torque from shelter-shelter, tour huts, or from on top of the proceeding boat slowly in the coastal bank.

    When bored being in the coast, tourists could visit the tour village that the inhabitantís majority was professional as the craftsman of the one rhinoceros statue (the typical Banten fauna) and the drink from the betel leaves, or looked around the life of the fisherman in the Cipanon Village. Whereas for tourists that want to enjoy the beautiful of the Liwungan Island, could lease speedboat with time followed around 35 minutes from the fisherman's village Cipanon. In the island measuring around 50 hectare and it seems only was occupied by a pair of husband and wife, tourists could enjoy exotic the Sunda Strait, the attraction of the Child the Krakatau Mountain, and the fisherman's chart that flickered from the distance.

    From Jakarta, was gotten by two alternatives to the route towards the Tanjung Lesung Coast. Firstly, took the Jakarta-Merak toll road route, and then went out through the main gate of the toll East Serang. After passing the Serang City, the trip was continued to the side of the Pandeglang City and Labuan, and ended in the Tanjung Lesung Coast. Secondly, took the Jakarta-Merak toll road route, and then went out through the Cilegon tollgate. Afterwards, the trip was continued by following the coast of Anyer-Carita, then to the side of Labuan, and ended in the Tanjung Lesung Coast. Jakarta-Tanjung Lesung Coast is at a distance around 160 kilometers with time followed around 2.5-3 trip hours by using the bus or the personal vehicle.

    Since the middle of June 2003, access to this region increasingly was easy because of the local regional government to operate three DAMRI buses each day from the Serang City, the capital of the Banten Province, towards the Tanjung Lesung Coast. The visitor who wanted to spend the night might not worry, because in the Tanjung Lesung coastal region was gotten the hotel, home stay, the hotel, the villa, the sub-area, and cottage with various types. Here, also was gotten the stall, the restaurant, and the restaurant that provided various menus. Especially every time on Saturday night, in the restaurant/the restaurant along this coast, was available the serving of sea (sea food) fresh had a name barbeque.

    Various other facilities also were available in this region, like the center of tourism information, the guard of the coast, money changer, the area parked that was wide and safe, banana boat, glass bottom boat, snorkling, sea like, the mini golf-course, the swimming pool, the elicitation pond, the garden, shelter-shelter, the telephone kiosk, the arena played children, present centers and the memento, as well as rental of the boat and speed boat to surround the coast.

    This coastal region was also supplemented with the network fiber optics to access the internet and the good communications network the long-distance call and international, so as tourists could establish communication and followed outside world developments.

    Sumber: bestindonesiaislands.com

    photo: googleapis.com

    photo by Petrus Claver

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