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    Curug Putri Waterfall, Pandeglang - Banten - Indonesia

    Curug Putri is a waterfall is one of the natural objects of interest are located in the Village Cilentung, District Pulosari, Pandeglang, waterfall in the Indonesian language that has meaning Waterfall. Located pulosari Mountain region makes the location was at the height of this waterfall, so as to achieve requires a winding ascent and stamina, but with the natural beauty of the mountains Pulosari dikekelilingi by the expanse of tropical forest, the ascent will not be tiring because visitors will be treated to stunning natural beauty , as well as the source of the waterfall is very cold.

    This tour is suitable for visitors who love cross country, photography, hiking, mountain biking and even for recreation. For adrenaline, the trip can be passed around throughout the 800 meters to the crater pulosari, in addition to tours waterfalls and craters in the village Cilentung objects there are also other potential sources of hot water.

    This location is within about 25 km from downtown Pandeglang with Pandeglang City route - Mengger towards Mandalawangi - Cilentung - Curug Putri.

    Source: bantenculturetourism.com

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