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    Tanjung Pasir Beach, Tangerang - Banten - Indonesia

    Tourism of Tanjung Pasir Beach Located in the Teluk Naga District, 50 km from Tigaraksa. In addition to the waves gently sloping beach is quite quiet, it also has beautiful natural scenery. White sand beaches and clean and not muddy lie. Through this beach visitors can enjoy views of the Thousand Islands group on the high seas. Development of coastal area 75 ha of land, combined with the development of an Integrated Tourism Zone Kapok Dragon.

    Condition of the road to the beach is quite nice, equipped with long-distance telecommunications network service, network infrastructure, electricity and clean water. Located 23.5 km from the city of Tangerang followed by a stretch of river flow of irrigation water from Tangerang on the street door Daan Mogot from Grogol, West Jakarta which divides the city of Tangerang to Balaraja. From the direction of Jakarta can be reached through the pass of Kapok or through Cengkareng market, with a smooth road conditions

    Source: wisatanesia.com

    photo: bantenculturetourism.com
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