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    State Museum Adityawarman, West Sumatra - Indonesia

    State Museum Adityawarman West Sumatra is one of the museum which is located in the city of Padang. Adityawarman name derives from the name of a great king who had dominion in Minangkabau, one era and the Kingdom of Majapahit in the duke of Gajah Mada. Adityawarman State Museum was inaugurated on March 16, 1977.

    At this stage of consultation carried out extensive research on the area, population and wealth of cultural heritage. The results of this study indicate the need for immediate maintenance container built heritage as one attempt to stem the flow of objects of cultural heritage of West Sumatra region to the outer region, which could result in the impoverishment of existing wealth of cultural heritage.

    Adityawarman Museum is the most important cultural museum in West Sumatra. The museum serves as a place to store and preserve historic objects such as Minangkabau heritage, cultural heritage and cultural preservation Mentawai archipelago. To preserve a collection of historic objects, the government formed a small team who served as a labor educator, curator, preparator and librarians.
    The main collection is available at the Museum Adityawarman grouped into ten different types of collections, namely:
    - Geologika / Geografika
    - Biologika
    - Etnografika
    - Arkeologika
    - Historika
    - Numismatika / Heraldika
    - Filolo-gika
    - Keramologika
    - Fine Arts
    - Teknalogika

    Of the ten different types of collections can be itemized as follows. Type Geologika / Geografika, made up of diverse Gems, Granite, Andesite Maps and mapping tools. Biologika types, consisting of some ancient human order, order of animals and plants. Etnografika types, consisting of historic objects that describe an activity of a cultural and ethnic identity. Arkeologika kinds of historical objects of cultural results generated in pre-history to the influx of Western culture. Type Historika collection consists of historical objects relating to the organization, and state figures. Type Numismatika / Heraldika collection consists of various types of currency or medium of exchange, a service mark of rank, seal and stamp. Type kolesi Filologika collection consists of manuscripts. Type Keramologika collection consists of items glassware peniggalan past. This type of group art collection consists of art artistic experience that can be viewed through two-dimensional objects and three dimensions. Teknalogika last type of group, the collection consists of heritage objects that describe the development of technology from traditional to modern.

    Support collections owned by museums are historical relics relics Adityawarma Dharmasraya kingdom, namely in the form of duplicate statues and sculptures Amoghapasa Bhairawa. In addition there is also a pending collection made of gilded silver old weighing 17.5 grams and has a shiny white colored jewel at its center. Pending often worn by the prince at every ceremonial in Minangkabau.

    The museum collection is located in a traditional Minangkabau house building (Tower House) by Maharam satyle Elephant building. In front of the museum building, there are two complementary building granary Tower House, then combined with miniature carts, hansom and remnants of war planes of World War II.

    Adityawarman State Museum occupies an area with a land area of ​​2.6 ha, and a building area of ​​3493 m2, located on Jl. Diponegoro - Monument Square, Village Rear Tangsi, Western District of Padang, Padang, West Sumatra Province.

    To go through the museum can be reached by land, sea, as for distance, namely:

    - From the Minangkabau International Airport to the museum 20 miles
    - From the Gulf ports to the museum Bayur 8 km
    - From the bus station to the museum 10 miles
    - From the railway station to the museum 5 miles.

    Open Daily
    Tuesday - Sunday at 08:00 to 16:00
    Monday (Closed)

    Museum admission
    1. Adult Rp 1,550, -
    2. Children Rp. 800, -

    The museum has facilities include:
    1. Exhibition space remains
    2. Temporary Exhibition Space
    3. Auditorium space
    4. Library space
    5. Space Conservation / Laboratory
    6. Space Space Storage collection
    7. Workshop space / preparation
    8. Space Administration

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    State Museum Adityawarman Map

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    Awesome exhibit!
    I'd love to get to see it live at some point.
    Marius from art transport

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