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    Tuo Kayu Jao Mosque, West Sumatra - Indonesia

    Islam in West Sumatra Province Solok it has evolved since the 16th century. This was evidenced by the establishment of the mosque has Tuo located in Wood Jorong Jao ​​Barus Nagari Sub Trunk Mount Gutters

    Islam in West Sumatra Province Solok it has evolved since the 16th century. This was evidenced by the establishment of the mosque has Tuo in Nagari Jao Jorong Wood Trunk Mount Gutters Barus District. Thatched roofed mosque founded by some scholars that area until now kept its authenticity. Next to the mosque there is a percussion (drum) are believed to rest with the mosque.

    In addition to its authenticity is maintained until now, its architecture is identical to the mosque roof Demak in Punjab who is also a three tiered. However, from several aspects, Tuo Mosque Jao Wood has several advantages. Especially in terms of philosophical and cues to the building.

    The roof made of palm fiber Minangkabau traditional house design symbolizes the Tower House. At the mihrab (pulpit and the priest) was also given gonjong like Tower House. The number of poles as many as 27 pieces representing six tribes, each of which consists of Ampek jinih (four elements of traditional governance) so that the amount of 24 parts. Plus the three elements of religion are preachers, priests and bilal, thus the number to 27. Strong scent of Islam in the region is also reflected from the windows of 13 pieces. This is to imply rukum Prayers are 13 kinds.

    Several years ago we could still see the building remained robust, though not one part nailed. But only use the pegs at each connection. But it was little changed after the restoration a few years ago. However, a clear hallmark of the mosques who wear the fibers with the original design is maintained.

    Aside from being a cultural heritage site, the mosque was used as a proof that the Nagari Trunk Barus and Solok in general, Islam has grown since 400 years ago. This is thought to be a reflection of society who hold fast to the religion of Islam in daily life.

    This is a marker that the inhabitants of this area has applied Indigenous Basandi Syarak, Syarak Basandi Qur'aan. This is also supported by many cues in the mosque building depicting harmonious blend between traditional and religious.

    In its development as an Object crowded tourism, religious tourism has to offer visitors to the mosque is very intriguing. It was thought not only in terms of its unique architecture, but also from natural conditions which have a charming topography.(rijal islamy-padang today)

    photo: wikimedia.org

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    Tuo Kayu Jao Mosque Map

    Tuo Kayu Jao Mosque Video

    Video by: conamir
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