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    Aek Sipangolu, North Sumatra - Indonesia

    After surrounding the island Sibandang, proceed to Bakkara. Remember Bakkara Sisingamangaraja must remember King. Yep, King Sisingamangaraja Spear was born in Sulu Sulu, Bakkara.

    Bakkara which is one of the districts in Humbang Hasundutan also famous for its onions and Aek Sipangolu (water turn). It is said that according to the story if the person is exposed to any kind of disease if the person bathing or drinking water from Aek Sipangolu then he will be cured. Aek Sipangolu is the source of water coming out of the rock and flows of all time, the water is fresh and clear and empties into Lake Toba.

    Very fortunate, in this trip is the mango season. Along the road in Bakkara, on the side of the road adjacent to the lake, mango trees bore rich fruit. It was fresh and sweet, especially mangganya fruit picked from the tree.

    Satisfied to enjoy the fresh mango and Aek Sipangolu, me and my friends back to the estuary and enjoy lunch on the beach village of Rajagukguk.

    Aek Sipangolu

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