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    Pantai Tapak Gajah (Tread Elephant Coast), Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam - Indonesia

    The beach is located in the Village Tread Elephant. It is said in this village by the local people found a trail of footprints of animals, namely Elephant. So with so this village till now named Tread Elephant. Not far from the settlement there is a beach and they named Tread Elephant Coast. This beach is famous for its wide white sandy beaches and rocks along the shore adorn the beauty of coconut trees and covered by weeds.

    Moreover, as other evidence not far from the beach there is also a burial complex that is considered sacred to the local community is one of the funeral Aulia 44 in Sabang (Pulau Weh).

    Source: indonesia-travel-services.blogspot.com

    photo by Yudian Alamsyah

    photo: lostpacker.blogspot.com

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    Tread Elephant Coast Map

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