Maitara Island

Maitara Island is an island in North Maluku, Indonesia. Maitara island is located just 30 minutes by using speed boat from the Ternate island. Maitara Island is a small island between Tidore and Ternate. Due to the small but beautiful, this island is used for icons in Rp. 1000 profile picture. Some circles in Maitara Island is dominated by white sandy beach and there are diversities of fish and corals, which are well preserved. Maitara Island lies between the southern island of Tidore and Ternate island, or rather were Tidore Islands (Tikep)

Maitara Island is not as big of Ternate or Tidore, but the island has a nature that is not less beautiful with other two islands. Maitara island is surrounded by white sandy beaches, the waves, is also not too big. It suitable for those who swimming.

Not only the clear blue water over the ocean, when you dive into the sea of Maitara Island, you can discover the natural beauty under the sea. The coral reefs and the fish on the island are still genuinely preserved. The assorted colorful fishes are also ready to accompany your dives.

To reach the island, you can depart from the island of Ternate or Tidore. Typically, two islands in the harbor has been prepared the boat to the Maitara island. You can rent a boat and enjoy the journey.