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    Kerumutan Preserve Forest, Sumatra - Indonesia

    Forest Preserve Kerumutan also known as wild forest reservation is situated in District Kerumutan, Pelelawan District. Area of ​​Protection Forest Kerumutan reach 93.222.20 ha forest inhabited by wild flora and fauna are protected such as timber (Shorea ASP), Punak (Nypa Fruticons), Sumatran tigers, leopards, arowana fish, wild ducks and others.

    As the area of ​​protected forest, Kerumutan also inhabited by a flora and fauna that currently the population is already threatened with extinction. Call it the Sumatran tiger (Ponthera Tigris Sumatransis), Leopard etc.. Location of protected forest located in the Village Kerumutan, District Kerumutan.

    photo: indonesiabox.com

    photo: greenpeace.org

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