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    Senggigi Beach, Lombok - Indonesia

    Senggigi, named after a princess in local legend, is the main touris center on Lombok. Senggigi is the most developed tourist area on Lombok island. The major of tourist activities, and variety of cafes, Bar, Restaurants, Discothèque, Travel agent, Souvenir shop, Internet cafe, Photo processor, Money changer and range of accommodation from simple home stay to luxury five star Hotels.

    The resort area is about 10 kilometers north of Ampenan, and about 20 minutes drive from Selaparang Lombok airport. Cafés, Restaurants, and bar line up colorful on the main road, Senggigi beach are nice and safe for swimming, snorkelling, and in the right conditions some decent surf breaks with right and left hander. The beaches provide picturesque views of Bali's Mt. Agung to the west and stunning sunset with volcano silhouetted on the horizon.

    Most of visitors usually begin their stay and trips to explorer Lombok island at Senggigi, Lombok's oldest tourism and resort area.

    In last three years the development on this area are improve significantly. its shown from few new villas and boutique resort to give more options to visitors of the island. Senggigi town is spreads out nearly 1o kilometers sea side road, its continuous to Bangsal harbor, the port for the Gili Islands.

    Along the way be in store for breathtaking scenery of the coast, steep hilly road, winding turn, stop over at fishing village are interesting, while say hello to the friendly kids on the village and on the way.

    Getting Here and Thing To Do while in Senggigi

    » Coming from Lembar harbor, you can go straight by Shuttle bus from Bali or taxi meter on call 24 hours, Blue bird / Lombok taxi phone : 370627000.

    » Coming by plane asking for airport taxi services available at taxi desk, fares are fixed.

    » Public transportation such as Bemos are available from 06 am - 5 pm.

    There are lots good activities to do to complete your holiday while in Senggigi. sigh seeing and organized day tours by reputable local tour operators is the best option to discover Lombok has to offers. Try learn to surf from reputable surf school of Adventure Lombok is fun way to experience Senggigi. Also Renting a car or motor bike also good alternative to explorer the island, either drive your self or with driver so you can relax and enjoy the surrounding. Self drive car are available to rent at Lombok Tourism and Leisure Management, choose our vehicles to suit your need and budged, all of the car cover with insurance, a valid driving license are required.

    General Information

    Police office located at Senggigi art market the opposite of Sheraton Hotel, Bank BNI (Bank Negara Indonesia) available during working hours 5 days a week, located front of the Post office. ATM's are easy to find such BCA ATM, MANDIRI ATM, BNI ATM are available, you can swift your Credit Card and withdraw local currency Indonesia Rupiah (IDR). Pos Office located on the main street of Senggigi the opposite of Lombok Intan Village Hotel. Internet Cafe available 24 hours at Millennium Internet cafe, located between Matahari cafe and Bumbu cafe, provide high speed internet Connection (ADSL) at low price IDR 300 per minute, CD burning, Photo transfer, Phone service, website design, and Computer repair and maintenance.

    Dinning and Entertainment

    There are various of cafe's and restaurants in town of Senggigi. you can eat pretty well and at reasonable price. Happy Cafe, Papaya, and Marina Cafe have live music on occasions with locals band doing good music from the oldies, goldiest to the latest on demand music. Most expats and locals socialize and have fun together. In high season, they can all get crowded by tourist and locals.


    Watch movie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NEt6yYLqRcQ

    Article : lombok-tourism.com
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