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  1. SEKKARON - Exotic Tourism with Collaboration of Four Villages in Semarang

    Source: https://pontas.id/

    Local people of Sepakung Village in Banyubiru District, Semarang Regency, Central Java...
  2. My Darling Village - Nature Tourism for Environmental Education in Garut

    Source: https://ksmtour.com/

    There were local people of Dayeuhmanggung Village that located in the state-owned tea...
  3. BEDENGAN - Alternative Tourist Place on Weekend with Camping Spots in Selorejo

    Source: http://voinews.id/

    Tourist destination of Bedengan looks bright. A number of travelers look fun to enjoy the...
  4. CISOKA LAKE - Tourism In Tangerang With Charming Blue Water

    Source: https://kicaunews.com/

    If France has Sainte Croix Lake, then Banten has a charming blue of Cisoka Lake. This...
  5. "Ragam Warna" Village Tourism - Instagrammable Village in Kaliwungu, Kendal

    Source: www.eksapedia.com

    Village tourism with name...
  6. Kaniungan Island - Little Paradise with "Welcome Greeting" from Group of Dolphins

    Source: http://backpackerjakarta.com/

    Berau District in East Kalimantan has a "paradise" of tourist place that is a...
  7. BONDO BEACH - The Beauty and Cool Sensantion of White Sand Tourism in Jepara

    Source: https://static.limakaki.com/

    You don't have to go to Bali Island to enjoy white sand beach. Jepara regency, Central Java, is one of...
  8. Karamasang Island in Polewali Mandar - Exotic Scenery of Sunrise and Sunset

    Source: www.kompadansamandar.or.id

    In addition to the...
  9. SAWANG BEACH - The Beautiful Beach in North Aceh which Was Once Devastated

    Source: https://visit-wisata.blogspot.co.id/

    Sandstone stretches...
  10. Botutonuo Love Hill - Tourist Spot with The Amazing View of Sunrise in Tomini Bay

    Source: https://gorontalo.sahabatrakyat.com/

    Botutonuo Love Hill is now visited by many...
  11. Batu Lubang Beach in Ambon Island - Spot to Enjoy The Cool Sea Water In The Morning

    Source: www.lihat.co.id

    Batu Lubang Beach (Liliboi Beach) has not been as popular as Natsepa Beach or Liang Beach or...
  12. Let's Explore the Charm of Kelapan Island in Sadai Bay, South Bangka

    Source: http://m.radarbangka.co.id/

    As an archipelago, Indonesia has many beautiful islands...
  13. SIMBONGAN Waterfall - Place for Enjoying Natural Waterboom Sensation in Tana Toraja

    Source: https://asset.kompas.com/

    Traveling to Toraja, South Sulawesi is not complete yet if you don't...
  14. The Ranch Cisarua - Tourist Attraction with Horse Riding Experience in Puncak, Bogor

    Source: http://lapisbogor.co.id/

    This new tourist attraction has been...
  15. Lemped Hill - Spot Tourist Attractions with A Beautiful Tree House in Karangasem

    Source: www.balitoursclub.net

    Bali Island is never exhausted to be explored. The destination of the tour is...
  16. Tubing Bumi Parikesit - Kendal Water Attraction with Tubing in Irrigation Channel

    Source: http://metrojateng.com/

    In Kendal District, Central Java, many tourist attractions are managed by villagers. One of...
  17. Ranu Regulo - Beautiful Spot in Mt. Semeru with Exotic Sunrise

    Source: https://dedlee30.blogspot.co.id/

    The slope of Mt. Semeru holds a lot...
  18. Senyum Hill - Tourism with Beautiful and Charming Panorama in Burangrang Selatan

    Source: https://i.ytimg.com/

    The southern slope of Mount Burangrang in Cipada Village, Cikalongwetan, West Bandung regency, West Java,...
  19. Srigunting Park - "Instagramable" City Park in in Old Town of Semarang

    Source: http://arlisajati.blogspot.co.id/

    Visiting the Old Town of Semarang, Central Java, you not...
  20. Gede Hill - Beautiful Spot for Paralayang Tour in Ponorogo

    Source: https://tampang.com/

    Paralayang Tour has been presented in Ponorogo, precisely in the area of Gede Hill that is located in the Tatung...
  21. Gardenia Country Inn -Resort with "Instagramable" Spot and Natural Concept in Tomohon

    Source: www.gardeniacountryinn.com

    Gardenia Country Inn is a restaurant and resort with natural concept in Tomohon City, North Sulawesi. The...
  22. Buntu Burake - Religion Tourism of Jesus' Statue with Glass Bridge Ornament

    Source: www.infotoraja.com

    The Statue of Jesus - Buntu Burake is increasingly hits...
  23. Let's Learn History in Museum of Indonesian Wooden Fossil Center

    Source: http://museumfosilkayu.blogspot.co.id/

    Anyone who has been to...
  24. Srobi Hill Tourism - Historic Place With A Very Pampering Sight

    Source: http://jalankuseru.com

    Traveling to...
  25. Ice Cream World - New "Instagramable" Destination in Yogya


    Yogyakarta is endless when talking about "instagramable" destinations. This time, there is an ice cream cafe...
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