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    6. Sipadan and Ligitan belong to Malaysia after...

    6. Sipadan and Ligitan belong to Malaysia after winning the international justice court

    7. As we know, there are also many ethnic groups in Indonesia. There are about 740 tribes

    8. The cool...
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    Facts About Indonesia

    Do you know if Indonesia is the largest archipelago country in the world? Not only as the biggest, there are several other interesting facts about Indonesia as an archipelago.

    1. There are only...
  3. Banyuwangi offers a charming marine ecosystem yacht tour

    For those who would like to enjoy a marine tour, Marina Boom Beach in Banyuwangi, East Java, is offering a tour package with the majestic Magia II yacht from Italy, which is docked at the beach....
  4. Indonesia Has Started Running Seaplane Tourist Transportation

    Indonesia is geographically dominated by islands. As an archipelago, the country is seen as in need of major breakthroughs in developing modes of transportation that can support the tourism sector.
  5. Tourism Ministry rolls out integrated '3K' system for top 10 destinations This artic

    The Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry has introduced an integrated health, safety and security (3K) system to be implemented at the country’s top 10 priority destinations to help the floundering...
  6. Sticky: Orangutan Deluxe BorneoEcoTour Houseboating 3D/2N


    Day. 01 Airport – Kumai – Tanjung Harapan Camp – Proboscis Tour – BorneoEcoTour Houseboat (L, D)Upon your arrival in Pangkalan Bun Airport direct transfer to Kumai. It...
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    Sago Maggots - Traditional Food From Papua

    Kamaro tribe who live in Timika Regency, Papua, has more than the famous wood carving and amazing traditional dance. It also offers experience of eating sago maggots for extreme-foodies. Papuan...
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    Visit And Tips to Halmahera Island - Jailolo Area

    Stayed most of the time in Jailolo with a local family which was awesome. You will found interesting were the following. Jailolo area:

    - Sahu villages (Akelamo, Taraudu and Desa Ropu Tenga Balu)...
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    Escape to Bangka Belitung Islands and Enjoy Its Island Views and Volcanoes

    Bangka is an island located in the East of Sumatra.The island is the 9th largest island in Indonesia and it is part of Bangka Belitung province. The island has a lot of beautiful sites to visit. So,...
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    Things to Do in Batam Island

    Batam is just across the water from Singapore, so if you are looking for a weekend break to Indonesia then this is a great place to come. From Singapore it is a 40 minute ride to Batam on a speed...
  11. Candi / Temple Agung itself is located in Sungai...

    Candi / Temple Agung itself is located in Sungai Malang village, Amuntai Tengah district, Hulu Sungai Utara regency. The trip is only taken about 1 km from Amuntai town to the temple complex.

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    Indonesia Historic Temples

    Indonesia is a popular destination among tourists. Tourism in Indonesia offers variety of sightseeing and entertainment options. The wide range of Indonesia tourism packages provided by hundred...
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    There are seven popular tourist destination in...

    There are seven popular tourist destination in Mount Kerinci which famous for visited by tourists, both domestic and foreign:

    1. Rawa Bento
    This natural destination is currently popular among...
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    Babel Sea Turtle Hatchery

    located around 45 minutes by flying from Jakarta, this Bangka island is facing serious problems caused by tin mining. The water of all the beaches around this island looks milk. This is a place where...
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    Visit the House of Sampoerna Cigarette Factory

    One of the top attractions in Surabaya is the House of Sampoerna Cigarette Factory which is something of a misnomer as there is factory here as well as an adjacent museum and a charming little coffee...
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    End Year Holiday in Bali

    It’s easy to spend all your time on Bali relaxing in one of its famous spas, yoga retreats or beaches but there’s plenty for animal lovers too. Make friends with the island’s cheekiest residents at...
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    Nature Destination in Bukit Kelam Sintang

    Find the best tourism in West Kalimantan, try to come to Sintang, there is a tourist destination called dark stone, this type is rare and the only one in Indonesia, and there are two locations in the...
  18. Jakarta As Best Places to Visit in Indonesia

    Indonesia is an incredibly large and diverse country, and its lively capital Jakarta is the bustling financial centre where people from across Indonesia rub shoulders. Visit upscale malls for...
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    The Most Exotic Mountaineering Location on Earth, Carstensz Pyramid in Western Papua

    Carstensz appears as a mysterious and relatively unvisited climbing objective, flanked with glaciers and rising like a shark’s fin out of the mist of the jungle.

    Possibly the most exotic...
  20. The Top 10 Most-Searched Theme Parks In Indonesia

    This is the top 10 most-searched theme parks in Indonesia:
    Dufan, North Jakarta
    Taman Safari Indonesia, West Java
    Trans Studio Bandung, West Java
    Jatim Park 3, East Java
    Jungleland, West Java...
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    4 Dark Tourism Destinations in Indonesia

    Dark tourism trends do not only apply abroad. In Indonesia, various dark tourism destinations are always crowded with tourists. Dark tourism itself is a tourist trend to places that were formerly a...
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    Tapak Paderi Beach - The First Deepwater Port in Bengkulu

    Tapak Paderi Beach is connected to Panjang Beach and Jakat Beach. Usually, people come and take pictures near the unique things around the beach like Pondok Sandal Jodoh.

    This Beach is already...
  23. Bukit Bulu Batu Flower Garden

    This tourist attraction has reach 1000 masl height. And is in Coban Rais area, precisely at Coban Rais hill .

    There are so much can be done inside the Garden, from rock climbing to zipline, to...
  24. Curup Mangkok Pagaralam

    Curup Mangkok Pagaralam located at the foot of Mount Dempo is a tourist spot that is always crowded by tourists from outside Pagaralam area. Curup Mangkok Pagaralam may also already be familiar to...
  25. MotoGP Mandalika As The Most Beautiful Circuit in the World

    The world's first Street-Race Circuit, which was built from the concept stage, built to the standards of the Fédération Internationale de Motorcyclisme (FIM) and the Fédération Internationale de...
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