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A. Glance

Zamrud Lake was originally a two lakes adjoining, the Big Island Lake and Lower Lake. Because in the village of Zamrud , both lakes are more popular among the people with the name of Zamrud Lake. Since November 25, 1980, lake and forest area that has a view typical of primary swamp forest is set by the government as a wildlife area. Lately citizens with local government proposes an area of ​​2500 hectares are used as a national park.

B. Feature

Zamrud Lake has a natural panorama alluring and exotic. The air is cool and clean, and away from the bustle and noise of the city population, can be used as an alternative place for visitors to unwind or simply for inspiration. The advantages of this region lies in the fusion concept Ujungkulon National Park in the province of Banten and Lake Toba to the island Samosirnya located in North Sumatra Province. In this area are found many rare species found elsewhere, such as gold arowana fish (schleropages formasus), fish Balido, Sumatran tiger (pantheratigris sumatrensis), red bear (Helarctos malayanus), as well as various types of snakes. Even the chirp of birds serindit (loriculus galgulus), who became an icon of Riau Province, can be found in this area. When you look at the Zamrud Lake from the air, the reflection of black water in the middle of swamp forest and petroleum wells drilled nearly resembles the Zamrud gem. In the afternoon, when the sun began to set, the inhabitants of this region, such as hawks, monkeys and even tigers, began to reveal themselves one by one.

C. Location

Zamrud Lake Village is located in Emerald, Indrapura Siak district, Siak regency, Riau Province, Indonesia.

D. Access

From the city of Pekanbaru, Zamrud Lake is about 180 kilometers. When traffic is not being crowded, can be reached about three hours from the city of Pekanbaru by using buses.

E. Accommodation and Facilities

Siak district government will develop the Zamrud Lake and the surrounding region as a tourist area tirta representative in Riau Mainland. The plan in the region will be built play areas for children, parks fishing and other supporting facilities. As a tourist area mainstay, Zamrud Lake will be equipped with various types of birds and will be filled with different types of freshwater fish, such as African catfish, catfish, tilapia and prawns, as contained in the Lake Maninjau, Agam regency, West Sumatra. This area will also be developed as a center for scientific research and medicine. Here also provided a tour guide (guide) that will guide visitors to recognize more details of this tourist area.


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