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17-10-2012, 14:16
Berhala Island

Berhala Island is an island in Jambi, Indonesia. This island is the outer island in Indonesia, which located in Malacca Strait. This ??2.5 km2 island is one of turtle breeding islands with exotic scenery.


Administratively, this island is located in Tanjung Beringin sub-district, Serdang Bedagai regency (Sergei). As the outermost island in Indonesia, this island is being watched by Marine squad.


To reach Berhala island, can be start from Medan by bus to Sei Rampah for about 1 hour drive. Next, it can continue to Fisherman village by using public transportation like, bemo or ojek for about 10-12 minutes. After arrive in Fisherman village, you can rent a fisherman boat crossing to Berhala island. For those who does not want to ride a fisherman boat, can use renting boat, but it costly. It takes Rp. 800.000 1.000.000 / night.

http://lens.danigunawan.com/wp-content/uploads/yapb_cache/quay_of_berhala_island.cdvrmanjvp4w0w8w4k400ckkw.5 94zrl0ettogcw0wkgwccgk80.th.jpeg

The situation in Berhala island is still naturally virgin, and there is no accommodation to stay and to eat. It better for the visitors who come to this island to bring everything they need and a tend to stay. The visitors who come to this island can enjoy trekking, snorkeling or seeing the turtle breeding or just having so much time playing in the beach.


The nuance of white sandy beaches and volcanic rock around the island is so beautiful. It called Berhala or fetish, because the island was formerly known as the place worshiped by certain people. The island is approximately 10 square km extent. In the west, the more gently sloping beaches dominating the area, while in the East, it seem steep cliffs challenge rock. If the sea is at low tide, you can fully walking around Berhala island on foot for approximately 6 hours.