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Sarangan Lake scenery will spoil the eyes, because you could see the wide lake and green Sidoramping Mountains around the Lawu Mountain that soared that was located in Mid Java Province, Java Island, Indonesia. With calm lake water and become the mirror from mountains and the mountain in its surrounds. Gazed at the row of mountains and the mountain here also made the feeling more calm and peaceful was increased with cool air mountains with the temperature around 18-23 Celsius levels.

Cool Air Mountains could be enjoyed by you because the Sarangan Lake was located in the height around 1000 meters from sea level. At the edge of the lake was available the water bicycle that resembled the duck and the boat. This could become means for tourists who wanted to surround the lake through water. Or tourists could go round used the horse or the buggy that was offered by the inhabitants around. Definitely this could please tourists' heart. Or for tourists who wanted to play sport, tourists could surround this lake by walking or running.


Close to the Sarangan Lake, there was the entrance towards the waterfall. There were three waterfalls that could tourists visited here that is the Watu Undo waterfall, Panda Kiwi, and Jerkin. Near the entrance of one of the waterfalls, there was the former aircraft that was made the monument in view of the fact that the Sarangan Regency was neighbors with the Medium City that was the AURI Main Base.

The road headed the waterfall was not difficult, in fact half of the trip could be carried out by the car. The trip headed the waterfall will become the pleasant trip. Tourists will pass the slope of the mountain that was used for the plantation. Tourists could see various vegetables crops that possibly rarely were found in the city. Tourists also could dip foot in cold and fresh clear water that was used for the plantation irrigation. This could become means learning that was interesting for the childs.

After satisfied to go round, tourists could order rabbit sate (sate is small pieces of mats roasted on seeker) and the rice cake that often were offered around this lake. Rare sate was found in this other area was appropriate tourists tried, because with tender and soft meat could make addiction tourists. The price that was offered by Rp 7,000/the portion, the price that was enough to be covered for the pocket of tourists. Other food that could be enjoyed here was rice pecel. The Sarangan area was neighborsith the Medium City that was famous with the spice and chili sauce pecel. Pecel became special because the peanuts spice that was lovely was increased various fried as the accessories.

Hotel and Accommodation in the Sarangan Lake

Around this lake, there were plenty of hotels of the jasmine class that could become the place of tourists spent the night. The competitive hotel mutually offered the price that was not too expensive. Tourists could spend the night in the room with 2 bedrooms, the bathroom and the sitting room with the price around Rp 500,000. - to overnight. Or was also that only 1 room with the cheaper price. The place of this accommodation also provided hot water to bathe and to drink. Generally, this jasmine hotel had 2 storeys so as tourists could free enjoyed the Sarangan Lake with the point of view was wider. Tourists could also find at least 2 luxurious hotels here.

The present from the Sarangan Lake. After satisfied to go on a trip in the Sarangan Lake, before coming back tourists could shop for the present from the Sarangan Lake. Tourists could buy the bag, socks or the other handicraft that were the work from the community around.

From the Sarangan Lake, if tourists headed the west direction or Central Java, tourist will find the Karanganyar Regency, Central Java that was famous with the Grojogan Sewu nature tour. Whereas if heading east, you could drop by at the Madium City bought the typical Medium present like brem and chili sauce pecel that was delicious.

The Sarangan Lake that was beautiful really was suitable for touristís holiday with the family. Enjoy it your holiday in the Sarangan Lake, the beautiful nature tour and enchanted.

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