View Full Version : Pondok Dam (Waduk Pondok), Ngawi - East Java - Indonesia

16-11-2011, 17:44
Pondok Dam is located in Dero village, Bringin district, about 6 km east of Ngawi. It is a popular tourism object among the local tourists. Beside its functions as irrigation purposes, it also offers variety recreational activities such as; fishing, motor boating, camping, playground etc. Pondok Dam is the answer to spend of our day, because it has beautifull and natural scenery. This location has surrounded by Mahoni and teak trees. The total of water area is more than 2,596 hectares. Pondok Dam is offers a lot of fascinating, enjoyment and comfortable condition that can entertained its visitor.

Source: www.eastjava.com

photo by Mat Ngawi