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16-11-2011, 17:14
Srambang Waterfall is located in the Girimulyo Village, District Jogorogo, Ngawi district, and the northern foothills of Mount Lawu.

Srampang Waterfall, constitutes the pearl of tourism which is concealed in the forest of Lawu mountain. It is a pity that 11 year, the beauty of this place is only enjoyed by the animals, trees and stones in the forest. Once in a while a collector of forest product comes to visit it, but then they leaves it to the silence of the forest. This place had always been like that till one sunset in early April 1995, a miraculous thing happened. In a place about 1.500 meter from Srampang Waterfall, a ditch with the width of 20 meters, the depth of 10 meters and the length of 2.000 meters was formed, because the layer of the earth under it cracked.

Since then it has invited thousands of people to come and see the "Kali Tiban" (a river coming from nowhere). Consequently; Srampang Waterfall, which is only 25 kilometers from Ngawi, begins to get visitors, too.

photo by Mat Ngawi

photo: bungnot.blogspot.com

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