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Today, Mount kelud is very phenomenal with its new dome that exists from its lake. To reach Mount kelud, the visitors can use motorcycle and the direction come from Kediri to Wates continued to Margomulyo – Bambingan till Jurang Gelap or Mount Pedot. From Jurang Gelap till the new dome of Mount kelud is about 2 km and you can go on foot.

Mount kelud has change, it had green crater before explode, but today the beautiful crater is gone and turn up new crater that different from the previous.

The increase of Mount kelud activities from the beginning step to the next step is show phenomenal activities that never happen before. The water temperature in 1990 exploded is about 400 Celsius, and in this activity, the water temperature is increase till 77,50 Celsius, makes thermometer broken caused of high warming. The earthquake is also has increase level, both volcanic and tectonic earthquake. The earthquake is higher compare with exploded in 1990. The white and black smokes that come out from the crater is not happen in 1990.

The climax activity of Mount kelud is to turn up a dome from the lake crater in November 5, 2007 with diameter 100 meters and 20 meters height from crater water. Today, the Lava Dome still growing slowly till 200 meters height and widened to southwest side of the lake crater wide.
The first white and black smoke are detected in November 4, 2007. At that time is 200 meters height and today the wind has blow them to south side. The white smoke is come out from the dome and blow to the air till 1.000 meters height.

If this is really the end of Mount kelud and the status is normal, with Mount kelud condition at the present, then Mount kelud has a new face. With its Dome that comes from the crater, Mount kelud is more beautiful than before, add with the other phenomenal that never happen before.
Mount kelud changes with its new Dome are very interesting for visitors. The visitors can see and enjoy its new dome if the condition is really safe to be visited. The Dome is seems to be Mount kelud’s son. There is no crater-lake or green water in Mount kelud, but the new kelud presents its new dome. Fantastic and curious nature panorama.

Watch movie : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Irf3jtMPGL0

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