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07-11-2011, 10:47
Pentadio resort is the one of tourism object in Gorontalo as standard of international tourism object. This object is located in Telaga biru sub district, Gorontalo regency. It’s about 10 km from the center of city. In this object, you can enjoy the facilities, like :

Swimming pool standard of international
This swimming pool making for the tourist or of the people that have hobbies for swim.

Swimming pool for adult and children
This swimming pool making close to one another for the tourist that come with their family

From years ago this object always to visit by local tourist although by foreigners tourist cause sulfur that has in its water it self. Also this sulfur make to cure some illness like as skin illness and etc.


For the tourist that wanna having fun with their family, could using this cottage according to the class for enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Limboto Lake in evening. And than Pentadio Resort is the one of tourism object that standaring International and tourism object the biggest in Gorontalo Province.

Restaurant and Café
This object has 2 restaurant and 1 café that size 12 x 12 m square. In this restaurant has some traditional food of Gorontalo and snacks also some drinks while listening of music.

Shops and Souvenir
That tourist that visiting this object could get some souvenir of Gorontalo like as Kerawang dress, T-shirt, and some cakes of Gorontalo.

Artifisial Lake
This lake using for the tourist that wanna enjoying the beautiful scenery in the afternoon while get on the water cycle.




Source: gorontalotourismdestination.blogspot.com

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