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Jayapura is the capital and largest city in Papua, Indonesia. The city has also been known in the past as Hollandia (1910-1962), Kota Baru 1962-1963) and even Sukarnopura (1963-1968).

International travel to Jayapura is almost non-existent and as such you are unlikely to meet other tourists. But many missionaries from around the world actually work here. This seems to mean that tourist touts are rare and beggars are not in the city. Furthermore, the closest thing a market stall holder will do to have you look at their goods is smile.

On the other hand, it also means that very few people speak English (but now days, more and more people actualy do), everyone wants to take a photo of you, and that arranging sightseeing activities may require more legwork that other destinations.

Flights from Jakarta land in Sentani airport, Jayapura, about 60 KM from downtown.

Overland from Papua New Guinea takes around 3 hours drive from Vanimo. For visitors coming from PNG an Indonesian visa can be arranged at the consulate in either Port Moresby or Vanimo. Public Motor Vehicles travel regularly between Vanimo and the Wutung border crossing (K10 / 50 mins). Once across the Indonesian border there are taxis into Jayapura (RP 200,000 per person / 2 Hours).


The General MacArthur memorial is set on a hill overlooking Jayapura harbor and city. Whilst the memorial itself is basic the steepness of the terrain makes the site a spectacular vantage point. A number of old Dutch colonial houses can also be seen on the road up to the memorial.

Hamadi Beach is a local harbor beach near the city. On the beach are four large artillery embankments from the second world war. Further down the beach are the local fish markets. The beach itself is not very well kept and covered in rubbish. However, at night a number of food stalls are set up and provides plenty of atmosphere.

White sands beach is an ocean beach a small drive out of the city. This beach is owned by local Papuans who charge a small entry fee (RP 20,000). In return for the fee they keep the beach clean of rubbish provide basic toilet facilities and shaded areas to sit. It is a picturesque beach with soft white sand and well worth a visit.

The area around the governors residence consists of old Dutch colonial villas, some of which still have what look to be traditional style gardens.

Santani Lake is outside Jayapura city itself (30 mins). It is a large freshwater lake surrounded by steep mountains. A small number of restaurants and guesthouses are located on the edge of the lake.

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