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Kaliklatak not the name of a creek or river. He is the name of a plantation located in the eastern most tip Jawadwipa, aka Java. This plantation is located in Banyuwangi exactly who obtained an abundance of grace of God Almighty in the earth's natural environment and a fertile, beautiful, and fascinating.

Kaliklatak Plantation is located approximately 15 km from the port city of Ketapang-Gilimanuk ferry crossing, heading inland. With public transportation or car from the town of Banyuwangi, visitors can explore the mountains of rural roads to the Plantation Kaliklatak.

From the capital city of Jakarta, guests can take the route of Jakarta - Surabaya - Banyuwangi by bus or Jakarta - Surabaya by train or plane and Surabaya - Banyuwangi by bus. In addition to the route before, there are still many other routes into the estate.

Kaliklatak plantation area of ​​1013 hectares situated at an altitude of 450 meters above sea level. At the highest about 850 m above sea level that is Hargosonyo, visitors can see views of the city of Banyuwangi, Bali Strait, Blambangan Peninsula, and the island of Bali. Eve was there felt comfortable in the middle of a sense of peace that blanketed the land of beautiful mountains with panoramic views, set in the back of Mount Merapi in Central Java and East Java Ranti Mt.

Plantation Kaliklatak originally owned by Dutch company Mij. Moorman & Co.. with a Dutch-led Administrator. In 1957, after a negotiation and agreement, this garden changes hands to R. Soehoed Prawiroatmodjo, an indigenous entrepreneur who started his career from the bottom.

In the beginning of this plantation planted with coffee, rubber and cocoa afterwards. In the hands of Mr. R. Soehoed Prawiroatmodjo, Kaliklatak developed with the addition of various kinds of economic crops such as pepper, cloves, nutmeg, vanilla, cinnamon, keningar, eucalyptus, coconut, and fruits of various kinds such as bananas, oranges, and kelengkeng.

In 1986, Plantation Kaliklatak has grown rapidly. Under the direction of 10 people leadership, working 70 employees monthly and 600 daily workers and equipment. At the beginning of the third millennium, the plantation business structure now consists of 8 sections (section), which is 3 coffee section, 1 section rubber, 1 section of cocoa, a horticulture department, a department of cloves, and 1 section mill. With a system approach, care, regular monthly meetings, department leaders sit down with employees to perform consulting solutions based on solving problems.

As the physical facilities, available housing for employees, kindergartens, schools, buildings and oleharga arts, places of worship (mosques and churches), and the market. Building the arts and sports used to practice dancing, musicians, gymnastics, and sports, each of which intensified to maintain health and physical fitness as well as consolidation manners.

R. Soehoed Prawiroatmodjo have a very far future. For him, the history of human life is an element of human civilization itself from age to age. For that he build a temple gate called Chess Purwaning Dumadi with decorative fencing history with 36 reliefs depicting human history from ancient times, the present, until the future. This is a message to the younger generation not to forget history, always be professional whatever job choice, and introduce to the international community that the Indonesian people love peace and understand the essence of life as a gift of God Almighty.

As a token of gratitude to God the gift of the earth, forests and plantations, each dated April 17, the whole family Kaliklatak plantations held a ceremony accompanied by prayer Wanakretih alms earth.

Prawiroatmodjo love to plant and perseverance has brought development in the plantation Kaliklatak. After he passed away in 1982, managed by Irma Mieke Kaliklatak Soehoed Prawiroatmodjo which also has been tested in assisting developing Kaliklatak husband.

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Kaliklatak Plantation Map

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