View Full Version : Liwungan, Beautiful Uninhabited Island in Banten

24-02-2020, 16:54

Besides Tanjung Lesung and Pangandaran Beach, Banten still has a tourist destination named Liwungan Island. Uninhabited island located on the north side of Tanjung Lesung can be an alternative. Try coming on weekends.

Beach and island tourism seemed endless to discuss, considering that Indonesia is known as an archipelago. Especially in the area of Tanjung Lesung and along Pangandaran.

Liwungan Island, is one of the small islands that is suitable to be included in your next destination. This small uninhabited island is located north of Tanjung Lesung. Can be reached by traveling for 30 minutes using a fishing boat.

Liwungan Island itself comes from the word 'Kaliwungan' In Sundanese means surrounded by mountains. This island has an area of 50 hectares. For you who have a hobby of trekking, can go around the island all day until satisfied.

The travel agenda that you can do on this island, among others, snorkeling, diving, or just swimming and playing sand. Several coral transplant events have also taken place on this island.

For you who like fishing can satisfy your hobby here, because the waters are calm and lots of coral.

There is no need for you to worry about accommodations, because along the Panimbang District there are many homestays that can be ordered at affordable prices.

If the homestay owner is being kind, then you can ask him to order fish and the like that you can use for a beachside barbecue party.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your backpack and explore!