View Full Version : Payangan Beach, Another Pleasantly Tourism in Jember

19-12-2019, 11:16

Jember has beaches not only Papuma Beach or Watu Ulo beach, but also another pleasantly beautiful beach which is too nice to be missed. Payangan, so is the beach called is a beach for fishermen where you can directly buy their catches. This beach is still quiet and pristine where there are only fishermen coming and going for fishing out to the sea. The Payangan Beach is very unique as it has 4 beaches, 3 hills and 1 island. This beach is popular and beautiful for its sunset. When the day starts to get dark and the sun begins to set, you will feel this beach even more and very beautiful.


Route to Payangan Beach

The location Payangan Beach exactly in Sumberrejo Village, Ambulu District of Jember, East Java which is quite easy to find because it is close to several popular southern coast clusters such as Watu Ulo Beach. From downtown Jember visitors will travel a distance of about 32 km to get to Payangan Beach.

For you who come from the direction of Jember city simply direct your car towards Ambulu District. Arriving at Ambulu interection, then follow the path to the south. This direction will guide visitors to Watu Ulo Beach. Upon arrival at the beach, visitors can simply continue trip a little. It is recommended to use a private car or rental.