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18-11-2019, 17:16

Trowulan has some archeological sites such as temple and cemetry. According to the historical note and some epigraphs which can be trusted show that the center of Mojopahit Kingdom was located at area of Mojokerto, especially at Trowulan. Besides having the high historical value the archeological sites are also as the attractive tourism object, such as;

Wringin Lawang
Brahu Temple
Bajang Ratu Temple
Tikus Temple
Segaran Pool
Trowulan Museum
The Great Building
Siti Inggil Grave
Putri Cempo Grave
Jolotundo temple

And there are still two tourism objects in Trowulan, they are:
1. The centre of small industry and the centre of tourism information
2. The religious tourism object - Syeh Jumadil Kubro Grave (Trunojoyo)