View Full Version : Anjungan Tamong Haji In Tanggamus - Lampung

16-10-2019, 16:54

Anjungan Tamong Haji is a B&B in a good neighborhood, which is located at Kelumbayan.

Not only well positioned, but Anjungan Tamong Haji is also one of B&Bs near the following Teluk Kiluan within 1.04 km and Pegadungan Beach within 6.18 km.

About Anjungan Tamong Haji

Anjungan Tamong Haji is the right choice for you who are looking for affordable accommodation in Kelumbayan.

Anjungan Tamong Haji is a wise choice for travelers visiting Kelumbayan.

Address: Pekon Kiluan Negri. Kec,kambayan, Kelumbayan, Tanggamus, Lampung Province