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15-05-2018, 12:08
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In addition to the typical culinary tourism of Mandar that is guaranteed favors, in Polewali Mandar Regency, there are also many tourist attractions that are still untouched by the public. One of them is Karamasang Island. Karamasang Island is one of the islands located in a row of islands in Mandar Bay. The island with white sand beach is located east row of islands that are administratively located in the Amassangan Village, Binuang District, Polewali Mandar Regency, West Sulawesi. In Karamasang Island, tourists can see the sunrise and sunset. Sunrise can be seen from behind the hills of a row of islands, while sunset can be seen in the sea.

To go to Karamasang Island, traveler must use small-sized machine ship which local people usually call katinting from the beach of Binuang Beach. Traveler can ride katinting from Binuang, about 10 to 15 minutes. It costs 15,000 Rupiah per person. In addition, there is a beach with a sloping white sand on the south side, there are also shady trees for travelers to take shelter breeze cool sea breeze. The sand is white, along the shore of many trees that can be a shelter.

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In addition to relaxing on the beach, Karamasang Island is also a cool place to perform other tourism activities, such as outbound, fishing, diving, snorkeling, swimming, even conducting research. The sea is clear, coral reefs are still good, even you can do diving or just snorkling. You can also do outbound or tracking. Sometimes, there are tourists who camp at the top of Mount Karamasang or on the edge of the beach.

In addition to the cool beaches, on Karamasang Island, travelers can ride to a hill to see the beautiful scenery. From the top of the hill, travelers can see the thick trees in Karamasang Island area and mangrove trees that protect Karamasang Island from the big sea waves of Mandar Bay. From the beach to the top of Karamasang Hill, it takes about 30 minutes on foot. Maybe you will feel quite tired because of the climbing, but when you arrive at the top, it would be tired of treating because of the incredible scenery. The scenery is guaranteed not less cool and good compared to other islands in Mandar Bay.

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